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Irelands King
Recent Entries 
24th-May-2018 08:37 pm - FEELINGS HOLLOW
The day has come

Up and at them.

Passed away the hours. Headed down to the lake and met Bridget and we went for a 3 mile jog/stroll around the lake. Another great chat along the way.

Breakkie and shower at home. Then headed on up to see me dentist at 10. Had the cleaning done and then headed out.

Went to Lowes and got a few items there. Then stopped into Home Depot for a few more items.

Home and put stuff away.

Next out to QFC for the provisions.

Home and put stuff away.

Natasha came home and I made the dinner.

Watched a movie on Amazon. Hollow Creek

Twas alright actually.

23rd-May-2018 05:09 pm - TWO RUNS ALWAYS MAKE IT RIGHT
The day has come
Woke up early. Passed away the time until about 5am and then I headed on down to the Starbucks at the lake. Met with Ruth there and soon after Luann showed up. We went for a run around the area and got a good 6 miles in. Good chat as always. Met Steve from the running club there when we got back. It was nice to see him as well.
Home for tea and the bread. Then headed back out again ad met Julie at LFP where we went for a five mile run down and back the BGT.
Did odds and ends at home. Did stop into Costco again and bought a few more items for Leavenworth.
Natasha came home and I put on the dinner. Then dessert. We watched a movie but I now forget the name of it as it wasn’t my thing really.
Now a wee nap will be nice.
22nd-May-2018 05:07 pm - SCANNING BRIDGET
The day has come

Woke up grand shur. Did the morning stuff and got on with the day.
I headed on down to the shop to get the scanner. Then headed on over to 1201 3rd Ave to do a bit of scanning for Alan. I scanned three locations and headed back to the shop.

Talked to Leann and Pablo there for a while. Then did my report and expense report. Dropped everything to the office and headed home.
I baked bread and organized some stuff for Leavenworth. I washed the truck to a good old shine. Then off back to Costco where I bought two kayaks to take with us next weekend.

Put everything away at home and headed on over to Bill Pierre to have a look at a new truck. I looked at an F150 and liked it but the lads there could not meet my price so I took off.

Natasha and I went to Enat for dinner. Had a good look at items for the home back east. Then home for dessert.

Bridget came by for a visit on her way home. Teas and chat followed for a few hours. It was lovely seeing her and she will start the path down a new career next Tuesday. I am so happy for her.
Headed off to sleep later on

21st-May-2018 05:07 pm - LAYING
The day has come

Woke up at 2:34. Got up and passed away the morning doing odds and ends. Put on the cuppa and the soda bread then.
Natasha got up later on and headed back to Seattle. I decided to start laying the new wood flooring in the bedrooms. I laid down the plastic and then started laying the bamboo. I cut, banged and sorted my way through about half of the flooring in the two bedrooms and hallway. I then decided it was time to head back to Seattle.

Loaded up and headed out. I stopped in Sultan to have a look at the hardware store there. Then went on to Costco and bought more supplies for Leavenworth.

Finally got home and brought the stuff into the house. Then I cut the grass and sorted more stuff for Leavenworth. Then I brought the doors inside from the garage to get a coat of varnish on them. Natasha arrived home so no varnishing tonight. We headed on over to Tengu for dinner and then Bed Bath and Beyond for a look at items we may need. Ended up buying four cups there.

Home and watched a movie on Amazon called The Devil’s Hand.

It was so so at best.

20th-May-2018 05:05 pm - 20
The day has come

Woke up early and rested. Had the breakkie. Headed out for a run then. I ran down to and along the 2 until Coles Corner and then headed north on the 207 and took a right towards Plain. I turned around at mile 9 so I could meet up with Natasha on her walk. I ran back the way I had come and then headed up towards High Camp. I met Natasha coming down and then I continued up for a bit and ran back down until I caught her at just over 20 miles run. We walked on back home.

I made us the breakfast/lunch and then I went to work making the windowsills and the jambs for the M bedroom. I sanded them down and put a coat of clear varnish on them. Natasha put the final coat of paint on the M bedroom and bathroom walls. Looked great.

We got cleaned up and headed into Leavenworth and had pizza at Rudloof’s for dinner. Then headed over to Safeway for provisions.
Back home later on and watched Gone Baby Gone on the external.

It was actually a good one.

19th-May-2018 05:06 pm - THE PREP
The day has come

The work of the day today was I removed the carpet and pad from our bedroom. Then had to remove the subfloor and vinyl from the bathroom as well. Completely cleaned up all the garbage and debris from the demo. Also removed the jambs from all six windows and threw them out into the garden. Natasha scrubbed the outside and inside of the kitchen cabinets.

Cabot came by to unhook his hose and I got to meet his mum. A lovely girl she is. Natasha and I ate leftover pizza for lunch out on the deck. Then we decided to go out and burn some of the brush. I started the fire and put the window boards into it. We also burned the old baseboard. Then we cut some of the overgrown bush down and piled it on top. We sat and watched the fire for safety with the fire extinguisher at the ready. I continued cutting paths with the chainsaw and mowed them somewhat clear with the house lawnmower. Also watered and fertilized the lawn.

After a few hours of this I managed to get the new window boards sanded and second coated. Also we carried some flooring from the loft into the m bedroom to make room in the loft for our bed. We moved the futon down stairs earlier. Natasha loaded all the bags of carpet and pad into her car. Then she made a great veggie stir fry and noodles for dinner. We had the snicker bar Breyer’s ice cream for dessert as we watched Sicario on the external.

It was good again and now we are ready to go and watch the next one when it comes out.

18th-May-2018 05:04 pm - L-HOME
The day has come

Woke up early and rested. Luann cancelled our run due to an upset stomach. The poor girl. Ate and ate.
Then loaded up the last couple of items in the car and headed for Leavenworth. The drive went well. Once I arrived I began taking some of the items indoors.

Then I wrapped some of the copper pipes in the basement with pipe wrap. I installed a new light above the toilet in the MB bathroom. I carried up more flooring upstairs and opened the packages up to the air. I removed the carpet, carpet pad, the tack strip and then cleared off all the staples and nails that were on the floor of the spare bedroom. I also installed a new faucet in the kitchen sink. I carried all the tools and supplies into the basement. I completely vacuumed up the MB bedroom and then the living room. Bagged up all the garbage and the cardboard recycling.

Natasha arrived soon after and I made dinner for us. Cabot came up to hook up his hose and we had a chat. We ate dinner after he had left.
Then we walked the land looking for the Internet provider stake and flag. No luck. We made plans for the pathway around our property and came up with ideas for us to build a sleeping cabin in the trees somewhere,

Back inside and ate dessert. Hooked up the telly and we watched some of the X-Files on the external.
Now a nap.

17th-May-2018 05:04 pm - MOW THE HANGMAN
The day has come

Woke up after a good rest.
Moved piles of stuff up from downstairs to get ready to take to Leavenworth tomorrow. Then headed up to Costco. Bought some provisions and a new lawnmower there. Then at Home Depot got some other items for the Leavenworth home tomorrow.
Back home and passed away time. Then loaded up the car with all the stuff. Soon after Natasha arrived home and we went to Enat for dinner.

Had some dessert back at the house as we watched a movie on Amazon. It was called The Hangman.

It was a good one.

16th-May-2018 05:03 pm - GETTING FLOORED
The day has come

Woke up after a good rest. Had the breakkie and then headed out for Leavenworth after I crammed more stuff into the car.
Arrived at home there and went out and cut the grass for the first time. It was longer than cutting the lawn in the Seattle home but not bad at all.

Today while I waited for the floor delivery I installed the light above the shower in the MB bathroom. I installed the ceiling fan in the MB bedroom. I then removed the medicine cabinet and the light off the MB bathroom wall above the sink and ran new wiring and box to raise the light higher. Installed the new light and then hung the new mirror.

The flooring showed up after 3pm. A lovely fellow from Cuba originally was the driver. After we unloaded the truck I gave him a couple cold cans of soda for his drive back to Tri Cities. I then carried the 26 boxes of flooring inside the house. Then carried 12 of them up to the loft and opened them to the air so they would get climatized to the house.

Then I did a few more odds and ends like filling the hornet traps with the goo. Plugged in the blue fly killer light. Got the new Bluetooth speaker hooked up and left it with music playing. Then headed out.
The drive back took two hours but it was lovely. I arrived home at the same time Natasha got back from her walk. We ate dinner and watched a movie.

Tonight’s movie is Everlasting.

It was just alright.

15th-May-2018 05:01 pm - HOMEWARD BOUND
The day has come

Continued eating and chatting until after the midnight hour. I set the alarm for the morning in case I didn’t wake up for some reason. Then I lay on the couch and focused on seeing some sleep.

Did wake up before 3 am. Realta got up after 5. We chatted for a wee bit. Then she got Aine up to say goodbye and then headed off to the John Wayne airport. She dropped me at the gate and in I went.
I got the Starbucks tea and bagel. Then sat at me gate.

Boarded the 737 operated by Alaska and off to Seattle we went. Sat next to a nice fellow and we talked before takeoff and after we landed in Seattle.

Natasha picked me up at the gate and off home we went. We ate a grand lunch that Natasha had made for us. Then she went back to work and I went to Costco and Home Depot shopping for Leavenworth supplies.

Natasha arrived home in the evening and we went to Home Depot and Lowes for more Leavenworth home items. Then in to Tengu Sushi for dinner. Home and watched The Killing Of A Sacred Deer.

It was a good enough one with our Colin and a new lad.


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