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25th-Oct-2016 10:01 pm - FOREST
The day has come

Up and at them.

Headed over to Sammamish for the early start. Got the two lifts ready for removal. Had a mechanic come out to get the one working. I put product on the building for the day and many other odds and ends. Left the job very late this day.

Heading home I decided to have a three mile run along the Lake Sammamish Trail while traffic dies down. The part I ran on was too loud with the traffic and the bugs that hung out in the drain were a bit annoying. But other than that all went well.


Dinner and then a movie. Tonight is “Into The Forest”

It was actually a good one. Not really a horror but worth a watch.

Now a nap.

24th-Oct-2016 09:29 pm - GREEN
The day has come

Headed on down to the shop to unload all my caulking items from NWH.

Headed over to the Park and Ride in Bellevue where I met Chuck. We rode up to the Hindu Temple to get an idea what we are going to do there.

Back to the Park and Ride. Then I head back over to Sammamish. I meet with Ken from BASF. We went through the job.

Headed home on time for a change. Ate me dinner and then headed out for a neighborhood run. Got in a Three Miler” .

Home again and we watched “The Green Room”.

It was alright.



23rd-Oct-2016 10:03 pm - BARKING AT GLEN
The day has come

Woke up after a better sleep.
Breakkie and the like passed the morning. happy

I forgot to mention I watched a movie last Friday about Glen Campbell that was well worth a watch. It was called “I’ll Be Me” made in the last year of his performing after being in the further stages of Alzheimer’s.

I must say this was a good one.

Anyway on to today. I headed on over to Julie’s to help move a sleeper couch up the stairs and then I installed a new wax ring in the toilet.
Then off we went over to LFP and ran south on the Burke Gilman Trail and back to get an 8.67 mile run in.

Back home to me Natasha and we had the lunch.

Passed away the evening as one does. Then we headed on over to “The Barking Frog” for the Law Office second year anniversary dinner. Robert and Nellie showed up soon after we got there. We had a great chat, made future plans and ate an okayish meal.

Headed home late.

22nd-Oct-2016 10:18 pm - PUSSY WASHER
The day has come

Up and at them

After the breakkie and passing the morning I decided to go out for a wee run. Ran down to the park and around twice before returning for a three mile jaunt.
took some photos on the way.

We headed on over to Cle Elum/Roslyn and Ronald to look at properties. Saw quite a few. We went to “El Corporal” for lunch as usual.

Stopped off in Easton and Kachess on the way home.

Saw a place that might work for us at the lake.

We went down to Mitch and Brenda’s in the evening to meet their friend Robert who was in town. Had a grand evening there. Beth was there along with Sean and the girls. Mitch, Brenda, Marshall and Thea as well. I left there in a spirited mood.

21st-Oct-2016 10:17 pm - ALEXANDER
The day has come

Up and at them.
Headed over to North West Hospital for the day of labor. Worked on the vent sealing all day.

Headed over to the “Kizuki” for dinner..

At home we watched a movie.  “The Skeleton Key”

It was okay at best.

We watched a grand show about the musical “Hamilton” on the channel 9.


20th-Oct-2016 10:29 pm - 5
The day has come

Up and at them.
Headed on down to the shop to pick up some backer rod. Then up to North West Hospital for the day O Labor. Worked on caulking in the air conditioners to the brick and metal frames.

Had a great blast of peppermint hot chocolate from Russell that set me into a pace for the rest of the day. Had to go to the shop and Atlas at the end of the day too get more material.


I put a loaf of bread in the oven and went for a wee run but kept going to make it not so wee. A five miler.

Headed on downtown once Natasha got home. We went to Whole Foods for dinner and dessert. Then over to MOHI to see a movie that REI were putting on. “Paul’s Boots”

We got free pretzels and cheese, chocolate popcorn and beer if you wanted it. The movie started and it was actually quite interesting. There was a Q&A after it was done. I hope more people see this movie.


had some of the fresh bread.

Now a sleep may be in order.

19th-Oct-2016 10:17 pm - PARSON DONAL
The day has come

Woke up very early.

Headed over to 365 Bellevue for the start of the day. Looked for a water intrusion spot in the building but didn’t find it anywhere we had worked. There was a plugged gutter higher up that probably didn’t help but all was well now in this beautiful store.

Next I headed on over to Sammamish. Got everyone up and running. Then the day came to an end late. Got a call from Dave and Jenny on the  way home and they would like for me to do the service at their upcoming wedding next year. I was honored by this request and will look into getting myself official to perform in Oregon next year.


Had me dinner and then died Natasha’s hair after she got home.
We watched the final presidential debate on the telly. I loved it and thought our Hillary did a terrific job.

Went down to LFP after it was over and met Julie. We ran down and back the Burk Gilman trail to get in 6.8 miles. Had a good chat along the way and visited a couple of bathrooms

18th-Oct-2016 10:06 pm - GAME CHANGER
The day has come

Up and at them.

Headed over to Sammamish again of course. Today I had Ken and Elder back helping me. Brandon was sick.

Worked the day away. Then home and had me dinner.

We went to Costco for provisions and I ran home from there to get me evening run in. It was 6.18 miles.

Natasha and I chatted the evening away then. We will now look at lots and land too buy in Cle Elum and build our own place.



17th-Oct-2016 10:08 pm - DAY
The day has come

Up and at them.

Sammamish on me own.

Home and ate dinner. Then off for a wee run. A three miler.


16th-Oct-2016 09:41 pm - READY
The day has come

Woke up.

Had some soda bread and tae before I went out for  wee run.

I ran on down to the Maple Leaf Park and around many times until I got bored then ran down and around on the streets before coming back home after a ten mile run. I should be ready for a half now again.

Natasha and I went over to Subway for a sandwich later on. Then over to Scott and Kristine’s after a visit to Safeway. We watched the Seahawks narrowly beat the Ravens. Tatum and her fellow Travis were there . Also Sean and Jodi with their friend Sarah. We ate like kings and queens.


Tonight’s movie was “Don’t Breathe”

It was good. The popcorn balls were also good.

Now a nap

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