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Irelands King
Recent Entries 
16th-Jan-2018 11:20 pm - 16 LIAM ALAN
The day has come

Got up and passed away the morning. Then decided to go down to the lake for my run. Had planned on doing around 13 but made it a 16 miler. 

Then I headed up to Oak Tree to see The Commuter.

It wasn’t as good as I had hoped.


Packed up me bag a little for the trip to France tomorrow. Natasha arrived home and we headed downtown. We went to The Triple Door to see Alan Doyle in concert.

We took our seats and we were served by a great fellow named Sean from Michigan.

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We ate a great dinner. Matt and Philippa showed up soon after and we chatted the evening away. The backup artist tonight was named Donovan Woods and he was funny and a good songwriter to boot. He played about the 30 minutes. Then a brief break and on came Alan Doyle and his band. They rocked the evening away. I loved the fiddle player she was great, played guitar and sang as well.

The evening came to an end and we said our goodbyes and off we went. Set up the house cell phone.  And now a nap will be great so I can run tomorrow.

15th-Jan-2018 10:42 pm - HOME PHONES
The day has come

Woke up rested.

We packed up and checked out of our home for the few days. Headed on down to Melissa’s for breakfast. Had a grand one as well.

We headed off over to Calgary and got some gas before returning the Dodge Charger to the Enterprise at the airport.

We checked in and went through security and US immigration. Then waited at the gate. Got on the Embraer 175 operated by Delta for Seattle. Started reading my Marathon Running book on the way. Landed soon after.

Drove back to Seattle. Stopped into Sprint to get the new iPhone X’s. Now we are back in the 21st century. Headed to QFC for a few supplies. Home and unpacked. I put on the dinner. We started a movie with Antonio Banderas in it. I headed back to sprint to pick up the phones now that they were paired up with the old ones.

Back home and we started loading our apps back on the phones. I did a load of laundry and got it in the dryer before bed.

14th-Jan-2018 07:47 pm - OH WHAT FUN
The day has come

Woke up early and relaxed the hours away laying in bed. Natasha woke a few hours later and we went down to the Juniper Bistro for the breakfast. Then waited in the lobby for the tour bus to pick us up.

Soon after the Discover Banff bus pulled in and a lovely fellow from Ireland welcomed us on board. We drove on out the road with eight other passengers to do the Johnston Canyon Icewalk. We pilled in and Ed gave us more of the orientation. We snapped on spikes and off we went.

We made our way up along the railed off trail passing the lower falls, twin falls, Stella falls and then got to the upper falls at 2.6K in. It was a nice pleasant walk and we learned a lot from Ed. He was a good rep for the company. Full of information and knowledge.

We made our way back down to the van after being up there for a while. Four hours later we are back at the Juniper. A thank you to Ed from Portumna bye bye tip tip and off we go.

Here is a photo of Mount Rundle
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We relax at the room 210 for a while and then head off again down town across the river and over to the Warner Stables to take a sleigh ride. We go inside the stables and have a couple cups of hot chocolate while we wait.

The time comes and we board the sleigh. There are 16 other people on the sleigh with us and the driver. We make our way around the farm for 45 minutes hearing stories along the way. Twas a nice finish to our day. Back at the stable we get more hot chocolate with marshmallows.

We head back into town for a walk around before dinner. Tonight we decided to go into The Old Spaghetti Factory and have our usual. Them mosie around the town for a while longer before heading back up to the the hotel.

Natasha compares me to a gnome on the Facebook.

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Funny fecker. She gets lots of likes and comments on it.


Now an nap

13th-Jan-2018 07:11 pm - LAKE LOUISE
The day has come

Woke up on and off during the night but had a good sleep overall. Finally got up and headed out for a run. I ran through the snow and ice down through town and up to the Fairmount and back for a five mile return run.
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Back to the hotel for the cup of tea and a hot shower. Then we headed on downtown and went to Melissa’s Restaurant for breakfast. Ate a grand breakkie served by a nice fellow from England. Then another couple on the next table over who heard us talking let us know they were also from Washington. Bellingham area. We had a nice chat with them.

Off we went then and drove over to Lake Louise. It was so nice to see it this time of year. It was completely frozen over and covered in snow. We walked all the way down to the end of it and back which is about a 3 mile round trip. This was another highlight.

We then went into the Chateau Lake Louise for lunch. Had sandwiches and cuppas there.
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It was grand to be sitting there and enjoying the views. We headed out and left the lake behind us for our drive back to Banff.

Arrived in no time at all and drove up to the Upper Hot Springs for a soak. This was also lovely. We were spoiled in here. Spent some time relaxing before we headed back down to the town.
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We parked in the city lot and walked around looking into different stores. Then time for dinner came. We went back over to the Nourish Bistro for dinner. Met the fine Sheffield girl again and we were served by another fine girl from London. This evening Natasha had the Ramen and I had the Curry Of The Day. Again another fine dinner we both had.

Headed back to the hotel and went inside. Passed away the evening relaxing until the sleep took over.

12th-Jan-2018 10:43 pm - RETURN TO BANFF
The day has come

Woke up early and headed out for me run. Planned on three to hoped for five but ended up doing eight miles.

Home for breakfast and a shower. Packed the bag and headed to the airport with my Natasha. We went through security and to the gate. Low and behold I met Billy C right there and we chatted for a wee bit. Then Chad came out for an hello. A nice reunion of sorts. Natasha got me a cup of tea at Cafe Vito.

We sat at the gate and waited. Soon after Chico and Matthew. I talked with Matt about doing more scanning in the Decca Hotel with me.
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We got on the Embrarer 175 airplane operated by Alaska going to Calgary.
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Had a grand flight on the way up and it went quickly. We landed and went to Enterprise and got a car. We got a Dodge Charger and the nice fellow threw in a free GPS.

We headed out on the 1-West towards Banff. A while later after a drive through the snow we got of at the familiar exit. Then drove over to the Juniper Hotel and checked into room 210.

Soon after we drove down town and got a National Park Pass. Then went for an early dinner. We went to a place called Nourish Bistro. It was a vegetarian restaurant so it took any guessing out of what we should eat. Met a lovely girl from near Sheffield UK who works there. We ate a fine dinner and both of us had the shepherds pie. Great dinner and we will be back.

Then before we headed home we stopped into the Nesters Market for a couple of items to have in the room later.

Backed to the hotel and passed away the evening.


11th-Jan-2018 10:16 pm - THE INSIDE MAN 8
The day has come

Woke up grand.

Passed away the morning. The rain poured down all morning long but I finally had to head out on my run.

I took off from the house and just bumbled along some of the old running routes and got a nice 8 miler in.

Baked soda bread and made a video.

Did a couple loads of laundry. Made the dinner and Natasha arrived home. Ate the dinner and watched a movie.

Watched Inside Man on Netflix.

We saw this movie at the Theatre back on March 31st 2006 and I got that thanks to the journal entry from that day. But first tonight I thought the movie was real good.

Now going back 12 years.

March 31st 2006 THE MAN INSIDE

Down to Lake Union. Grouted the tile. Put the rest of the cabinets together. John Edgar and I went to Paddy Coynes for lunch.
Picked Realta and Annabell up at Queen Anne. Annabell’s parents are going through a divorce at the moment. Sad I guess. I wasn’t very fond of either one of them anyway. We went to Jaliscos for dinner. Then off to see The Inside Man at the cinema. Good enough.

I thought the movie was good enough back then and liked it more now.

A quick nap will do me good now if I can.

10th-Jan-2018 10:34 pm - 5 BOOKS
The day has come

Up and at them.

I headed on down to Greenlake and met with Luann. We ran our 5 mile loop around the lake and zoo.


Had the breakkie with Natasha. Went up to the Safeway for some provisions and then came home and cooked bread.

Anne Marie showed up soon after and we had tea, bread and a great chat for over three hours.

Natasha arrived home and Matt showed up soon after. I made the dinner and we dined. Then Matt and I headed on down to the Paramount to see Book Of Mormon. Natasha was sick so he took her ticket.

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling

Fecking brilliant it was. We left there in a great mood and the drive home went fast. Bye bye hug hug to Matt and off he goes.

9th-Jan-2018 10:53 pm - 8 STARS
The day has come

Up and at them.
Breakkie. Passed away the day until time to go for a wee run.  Off I went ended coming back later on after an 8 mile run.

Had lunch. Worked a bit on me Jigsaw for a while.

Natasha came home and we went over to Woodinville and met Matt and Philippa. We went to the Mongolian Grill for dinner then to the AMC to see Star Wars-The Last Jedi.

Twasn’t so bad at all really.


8th-Jan-2018 09:49 pm - Runs and Resolutions
The day has come

Got up early of course.

Headed on down to the Greenlake to meet Luann. We ran the 5 mile loop around the lake and zoo. Twas a nice run and chat. Home for the breakfast after that.

Then headed over to Julie’s for the second run of the day. We ran around her neighborhood for three miles. Then back to her house for the cup of tea and chat.

I headed on over to Costco then to get some provisions. Back home and put everything away. Made lunch. Passed away the rest of the day repairing the lights on the Christmas tree. Then headed over to the Law office. Met Cora for the first time there. Lovely girl. Also a hello to Christine.

Chatted with Natasha and Robert for a while. Natasha and I headed on over to Subway for dinner. Then home for dessert and a movie. Tonight’s one was called The Vault.

and it was shite.

I put away the last of the Christmas items into the boxes to get ready for the yearly storage. I got my resolutions up and online. Now I will cruise through the year.

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