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25th-Feb-2017 11:32 pm - BUDDY
The day has come

Woke up early.

Watched half a documentary about the Gallagher brothers and Oasis. IT is called Supersonic.

So far so good.

Had the breakkie.

Went out for a wee run later on that ended up being a 10 mile run.

We went down to Whole Foods for lunch and provisions. More provisions on the way back at Safeway.


We went down to Ikea for a few items. They had just opened up the new store in the same location three days now and it was fucking packed. Waited for almost an hour to be directed in to park. We ate dinner and dessert at the café there which was great. Had more desserts on the way out at the other café.

Next drove through a traffic jam to the Musical Playhouse in Tacoma to see “Buddy the Musical”

Took our seats and it started.

A fucking great show that brought me happiness.


24th-Feb-2017 10:32 pm - 155.4
The day has come

Weighed in lighter than before today for a new record.

Headed off to the Sammamish to end the week. Worked on the tower on building one, saddle flashings on bld 7 and door pans as well.


Natasha arrived and we went to Tengu Sushi for dinner and then into a movie at Thornton Place. “Get Out”

It was just alright.


23rd-Feb-2017 09:22 pm - SHARLET
The day has come

Off to the Sammamish.

worked on openings, finishing the L3 south wall and closing up the tie ins on the east and North levels.

Met Sharlet at the Starbucks for the chat. We had a great conversation and Clay came down to see her for a wee bit as well.

We chatted for over four hours. I didn’t realize the time until I was leaving and it was 8pm, I had to buy a egg and cheese sandwich for dinner before I left.
Looking forward to the next visit.


Dessert and now a sleep.

22nd-Feb-2017 11:18 pm - 155.8
The day has come

Passed away the  morning as I do. Did hop on the scales to check how I was doing. .I weighed in the lightest I have been in my entire adult life at 155.8 pounds. Feck I best start gaining a wee bit.

Then back to that Sammamish job. Worked on the Koster all day til the end where I got set up for doing the l metal and pans tomorrow.

Got out of there on time with 30 minutes worked over.

Straight home and back out the door ten minutes later when Natasha got home.

We headed on down town and parked. Walked over to Lola for dinner with Marcin and Erika. Had a great meal and chat here for a couple of hours. Then over to the Paramount. We are here to see Rent.

The production moved along well and was worth the watch. Met Anne Marie there as well. Gave the goodbye hugs to our friends before hand.

Headed out after the show was done.


21st-Feb-2017 11:05 pm - FATHER
The day has come

Up and at them.

Headed off to the Sammamish after a few hours.

Today I started in on the Koster repair on the L3 Shops.

Had a good day of it.


Went out for a wee run down to, around the park and home for a quick 3 miler.

Ae a dinner and dessert.

Now I will watch Silence to the end.

And it wasn’t as good as I expected.


20th-Feb-2017 08:03 pm - SLEEPY
The day has come

Woke up after a wee sleep and tired.
Passed away the morning doing odds and ends. Had the breakkie.
Went out to the hot tub for a while and relaxed some more.

Packed up our bags and started the loading of them to the car. We headed out later on and off for Seattle.

Natasha got off at the Corson Michigan exit and dropped me off. I decided to run home from here. It was drizzling the whole way.  My iphone battery dies as well so I continued running without music in the rain.

Got home later on after a couple bathroom stops. It ended up being 12.5 miles. I was happy with that. In home and togged off, then put our clothes in the laundry.

Ate a late lunch when Natasha arrived back from the work/gym visits.

We watched an older movie at the end of the day “Amelie”

Well we started into it at least for 40 minutes. It was okay enough to that point.

I watched a bit of the Irish Mob type of documentary on the Netflix after.

then in bed I started in on watching “Silence”

Fell asleep on this one too.

19th-Feb-2017 10:01 pm - RELAX
The day has come

Woke up early of course. Tea and toast and off for a run.
Went out on a bumble up and down roads to complete over five miles. A grand relaxing run too. Had Buddy Holly and Elvis in my ears for this run. Saw dancing deer along the way also.

Home for more tea and bread.

Matt and Philippa headed out a while later. I cooked breakfast for Natasha and myself. We went to the hot tub for a while and relaxed.
I booked us the plane tickets to New York for October. Also booked an apartment for us. Earlier Natasha booked us flights to Aitutaki from Rarotonga. Yesterday she booked us tickets to Rorotonga as well so all trips are booked.

Natasha cooked a great lunch and then we watched “Hidden Figures”

Another good movie.

I colored Natasha’s hair after that.

I made a dinner snack. Then Natasha made us some dessert, tonight it was strawberries and bananas dipped in melted chocolate fondue.

We watched “Passengers”

It wasn’t so bad at all.

The cabin was roasting from the log fire in the stove. We had to open the doors to let the heat die down a wee bit.


The day has come

Woke up after fourish hours of rest.

Had the pre run breakkie. Then headed out as it was getting brighter. Ran up and over to Ashford and then tried to see if I could find a loop back towards the cabin. No luck, had too go back the way I came. I ran with Van Morrison in my ears the whole time. Saw a deer jump over a fence like it was a egg carton.

Got home later on after a 10 MILE RUN. Went inside and had some tea and toast.

Headed out to the hot tub for a few hours when the gang went outside for a walk.

We had lunch and then Natasha and I headed up to see an open house that we were looking at. Met the nice relator there Sandra was her name. We drove around looking at other places after we stopped in to the Whittaker store looking for baskets for our poles. No avail.

Went over tot he grocery store next and bought an item. Headed back stopping off at different places for sale along the way.

We watched “Grease Live” the show on the telly.

It was actually good.

We ate dinner and desserts.

Watched some Elvis music documentaries. Then watched an Irish movie called “Songs For Amy”

This was a good old film as well. And the ended was better than expected for an Irish one.
Now a nap.

17th-Feb-2017 10:35 pm - SQUIRRELY
The day has come

Woke up early after a grand sleep.

Headed off to the Sammamish again today. Got started before 6am and worked on the west side of the building covering up and waterproofing the scaffold damage that was done during erection and wind damage.

Headed off to Ashford WA. when Natasha got home. Back to the Rainier Cottages

This time we stayed in the Squirrel Run. We got there in good time and went in to the nice cabin. Matt and Philippa will join us later on. I went out for a three mile run and had a look at property for sale along the way.

Back to cabin 2 and we had dinner.
We headed out to the hot tub later on and relaxed for a while.

Philippa and Matt showed up later on and on went the tea. And more tea along with planning on the wedding of the year in the Cook Islands.



16th-Feb-2017 09:05 pm - 157.3
The day has come

Woke up as usual.
Weighed in at a whooping 157.3 pounds this morning.

Went to the office. Derek and I at the condo again for me last day there. We got it finished to a good point. Derek went and got the dump truck and we loaded out the garbage and unneeded tools.

Back to the shop and put the stuff away. Chatted to Katie B there for a wee bit. Then Chuck showed up and I gave him a helping hand to unload our temporary barricades and put them away.

We headed over to the SEABEC meeting on Mercer Island for the 5:30 seminar. Had a grand amount of food and listened to a great presentation.


Packed me bag for Ashford tomorrow evening

Now I sleep after eating a good amount of food to make up for my extra weight loss this week. 

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