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25th-Sep-2016 11:49 pm - NAKED MASSAGE
The day has come

Woke up after a grand rest indeed last night. Gave Phil a back massage while I was without clothes.

Snacked away the AM. Then Philippa, Matt and meself went out for a run. We ran around Lost Lake until we reached 3-1 miles or a 5K.

Back home for the shower and pack the bags. Natasha and I went back out to the Sunday Market and bought some stull to take home with us. Back to the 311 and finished out our trip. Cara came home before we left.

Stopped into the busy Costco on the way out and ended up get some cola from the vending machine and headed off for the border.

Crossing went quickly and we were back to the Law Office in no time at all. I passed away the time looking at properties for sale east of the mountains and many other things.

We stopped into Safeway on the way home for a few provisions. Then home and ate the dinner.

This weekend I ate all kinds of shit. I will start a healthier lifestyle tomorrow if I am still alive.

13 weeks until Christmas from today.

24th-Sep-2016 08:28 pm - SEVEN
The day has come

Woke up early.
Passed away the morning for a long time. Had the breakkie. Headed on out for a run. Natasha came out for a walk as well. I walked her to the top of the steps and then took off. I ran on down to and around the golf course counterclockwise as I knew I would cross paths with me Natasha doing it that way. We met and a quick chat. Then I ran on and back until I caught up to her again after completing a 5.67 mile run.

We chatted our way back to the village and stopped into Starbucks for the breakkie. Then wandered back up to the condo 311. Talked to the gang there for a wee bit. Then Matt, Philippa, Natasha and meself headed down to the Imagine Theatre to see “The Magnificent Seven”

Well feck it was a great remake.

We headed back along the streets stopping into the stores. Then over to the “Dubh Linn Gate” for lunch. Ate a grand meal and chatted to a fellow running waitress who was truly nice.

Back to the condo and passed away the evening chatting with the gang. We ordered a pizza for dinner and started watching the original “Magnificent Seven” movie.

We were all falling asleep so off to the beds in dribs and drabs we go.



23rd-Sep-2016 08:27 pm - SP-AAAAAAAHHHHH
The day has come

Woke up early.
Passed away the morning for a few hours.

Got dressed up and headed out for a wee run.

Ran out and around for a three mile run.

Back home and had some more breakkie. In a while Natasha and I headed on over to the Scandinave Spa. We frigging love this place and it was as good as normal. Had the lunch there as well. What a grand day.

We stopped into the IGA on the way home for a few items. Then back to the condo. Everyone were home. Passed away the evening as one does. Ate dinner.

Matt and Phil showed up before midnight.

22nd-Sep-2016 08:26 pm - WHISTLER
The day has come

Woke up early.

Went down to the office and worked there until it was time to return the breaker to the Star Rentals. Then I went down to the recyclers with the concrete. Finished out the day at the shop. Unloaded a truck with the forklift and headed out,



Natasha arrived and we headed out for the border. Crossing took a couple of minutes this day.

We stopped into the White Spot for dinner in Squamish. Then went into the Nesters for some groceries. On the way out we met Cara and Marci. We drove on and into Whistler from there.

This time we are staying at the Glacier Peak Condos. Room 311. On went tea of course and we chatted to the girls. Soon after Kevin and Charnel showed up. More chatting and off to bed.


21st-Sep-2016 09:39 pm - EQUINOX
The day has come

Woke before 3.

After passing the morning away I headed to the shop. Loaded everything into the truck and went to Star. Picked up the electric hammer to break up a sidewalk today.

Drove over to Redmond and got set up. Pete R showed up. Ken showed up soon after. Then a lot of others showed up. The investigation started. Ken and I doing the openings all day long. Sidewalk and two planter beds.

Took the truck back to the shop and got done way late again.

Met Julie at the lake and we ran around for a three miler. It shows our run in the link but I forgot to turn off the watch before we headed home so it shows a bit further than it was. The 3 miler was done in about 31 minutes. . Stopped off along the way to take in the Equinox celebrations.



20th-Sep-2016 09:38 pm - FUCKING FUCKING FUCKING
The day has come

Woke at 2.

Finished a movie I had started. “Mike And Dave Need Wedding Dates”

It was grand.

Passed away the remaining hours looking at items of interested on the internet.

Went to work. Brought items over to the job in Lakemont on the way in the morning. Then went to Sammamish and worked there for a while on getting the sprayer up and running. Ran into many problems doing this. Had to go back to Seattle and track down fittings and get the compressor changed out.

Back to Sammamish and dropped off the stuff. Finished work very late.



19th-Sep-2016 10:51 pm - BRAKES
The day has come

Up and at them. Out the door to the shop. Worked on the items I could do on the laptop for a wee while. Chuck came in and we went to work on the temporary barricades for a couple of hours. We loaded Chuck up and off he went. I worked away on getting stuff ready for the next couple of days. Then headed up to the CHC in Edmonds.

Arrived at the job and started the investigation. Eventually I found where the water was coming into the building . Headed back to the shop once I was done. Finished off getting stuff ready for the next couple of days. Then had the meeting with Michael S.

I went up to the law office and switched cars with Natasha. I met Christine  for the first time even though she has being working with them for ages and ages. She is nice. I took the Subaru down to Les Schwab so they could check the brakes. It was going to take some time so I went for a wee run.

I ran around the area waiting for the call from them. Ran on some old streets and new streets where I hadn’t run before. Got the call at mile 1.88 and I headed back to complete a 3 mile run. The brakes were all perfect.


We had the dinner and dessert.

Passed away the evening as one does.

18th-Sep-2016 07:59 pm - SULLY BOURNE
The day has come

Up and relaxed the day away for a good while. Natasha made pancakes for breakkie.

We headed on over to Cinebarre to see a movie and have lunch.
Today we saw “Sully”

This was one of the best movies I have seen in a long while. Lunch was also great.

Went back to the house. Then I headed on down to LFP to meet Julie. We ran down and back the Burke Gilman Trail to complete a 3.7 mile run. We walked around the LFP market for a wee bit as well.

Then I headed on home to me wifey. We passed away the evening until dinner time. Ate the dinner. Then dessert. Tonight’s movie will be “Jason Bourne”

This was a good movie as well.

Went to bed and lights out. ZZZZZZZZ

17th-Sep-2016 10:15 pm - WALK BACK IN TIME
The day has come

Woke up early and passed away many many hours.

We finally got ready and headed out. We drove over to Snohomish and into “The Maltby Café” for breakfast. We had not been here in years and it was just as good now as back then. The waitress was young with an old soul and was shyly lovely, could be my wife in a other time.

Next we continued on over to Leavenworth. We drove around looking at the properties that we had liked and talked to an agent about. Up and down the mountain and lake going through places where we had not been in years but still looking familiar. Saw some great places and some not so great. One of the ones we liked had great potential that we could work with easy but it may be too close to the train tracks.

Drove through Leavenworth to get lunch but it was too busy so we decided to get the hell out of town. We decided to go over to I-97 and stop into The Rail something or other Café instead since we were going that way. We got there and the café was closed down. Too bad.

We continued down the 97 looking at properties  driving up Forest Service roads and having to turn back. We arrived into the town of Liberty. We had not been back here in years. Joyce and Barry took us here way back in the day after they moved to Roslyn. It is a lovely looking well preserved theme kept town. We drove around the back roads here as well looking for properties.

After the search we drove on sown to Cle Elum with 18 miles left on the tank. Stopped into the “El Coporal” restaurant for lunch/dinner. We had not been here in many years also. Last time was with Barry, Joyce and Realta. Ate a fine meal and headed out.

Stopped into the gas station for petrol, then Safeway for dessert. Finally stopped into Windermere to talk to the real estate agents there. Got some info on stuff coming up in the future. Headed back the I-90 eating our ice creams. We stopped into Easton and saw some properties there that would work. Got home after a long day of searching. Had a toastie for  the snack.

Went to bed late and tired.

15th-Sep-2016 08:44 pm - ANOTHER END IN SIGHT
The day has come

Up and relax.

Out the door for the day of tax.

Enershield I do go and work til 5 without saying no.

Dinner ala Natasha

Yeah yeah yeah.

Bed now and sleep somehow.

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