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23rd-Jan-2017 08:39 pm - NOW WHAT?
The day has come

Woke up after a good sleep.
Passed away the hours of the morning and then headed off to work. Back to Sammamish. Worked on the North wall once I got going. Brandon was with me for the day.


Ate me dinner and then ran up 15th and over to Home Depot to return the timer I bought before we went to Belize. Then I ran back to the BOA and deposited a check. Got a good 5.47 miles in tonight, 

Home again to Natasha and she made us parfaits for dessert.

Now what?

22nd-Jan-2017 09:32 pm - HOME RUN
The day has come

Woke up early as usual when I am home here.

I had the breakkie and laid around watching stuff on the laptop transferred onto the TV. Watched a grand tribute to Finbar Furey on the Late Late Show.

It was real good.

Natasha went to work and came back. I cooked lunch for us.

Later on I went over to LFP and met Julie. We ran 6.68 miles down and back the BGT. I dropped her back home. A grand chat and plans made.

I took out Nelson Young painting over to Aaron Brothers to get framed. Then went into Trader Joe’s to get some provisions.


Natasha had made a great squash dinner. We ate parfaits for dessert as we watched another episode of Westworld downstairs.

Now what?

21st-Jan-2017 09:32 pm - RETURN
The day has come

Woke up very early after a good sleep. Packed up our stuff after the shower. Then headed down for breakfast. The lady of the house made us a veggie one. She talked to us about life and the economy. Blah blah blah.

Our grand cabbie arrived early and we headed out. Had a grand chat with his as we headed along the road to the airport. We exchanged addresses and the like. Said our byes and We lined up in the security line.

Once in the airport we relaxed and had a snack. After a couple of hours we boarded the 737 operated by Delta. After a wee bit we took off down the runway and I to the sky.

On board we ate the snacks and drinks they had given us. I watched a movie I had seen before. “Run All Night”.

It was an okay Irish story.

I listened to the music albums they were streaming for the rest of the flight. We landed in LA a wee while later.

We had dinner at The Market place in terminal 5. Then we board a 717 operatd by Delta.

We landed in Seattle a while later. Then drove over to Matt and Philippa’s to meet Linda. We ate well and had a great apple/ginger crumble.


Passed away the evening.


20th-Jan-2017 10:32 pm - Barack Run
The day has come

Woke up relaxed as feck.

Had the breakkie. Then headed out for my run in honor the 44th President of my adopted homeland. I did 4.4 miles with him and my home on my mind. I will post this on Facebook later to shake people up a bit.

Back home I showered for the last time on this island. Did the usual washing of my runing clothes in the shower with me. Hung the clothes up on the line. Had a wee post run snack.

We dropped our bags into the office. We met Colin the owner there, such a nice guy. We traded stories of travel and Canada. Then Natasha and I headed up the beack towards the Spit. Sat on a couple of benches for the chat along the way.

Went back to the Cilinda to get our bags. Met the good Linda this time, she was nice also. We headed back up the beach and went into Meldy's for lunch. Ate great veggie burritos there.

Headd over to the Ocean Ferry Belize and rode it back to the mainland. Got grabbed by a taxi driver there. He was a go getter. He drove us out to our accomadation for the night. We checked in to the D'nest Inn and chatted with the owners. Got into our room. The taxi driver will come back and get us to the airport in the morning.

After we settled we walked over to the supermarked by the roundabout and grabbed some drinks. It was a well stocked supermarket more like a Fred Meyer.

Passed away the evening and off to bed ZZZZZZZZZZZZz

19th-Jan-2017 10:27 pm(no subject)
The day has come

Woke up after another grand sleep. Tea, toast and watched the sunup.

Then I headed off for a run. I took it a bit further today searching out roads and non roads to run on. Got home with over six miles under my Mizunos.

Lay on the deck hammock reading me book and chatting to me wifey. We headed off on the bikes up to Maggie's Sunset Kitchen for lunch. Then back down to the cabana 1.

We totally relaxed the day away here then. The evening approached and we headed back uptown on the bikes for dinner. This time we went back to The Paradiso. Ate a grand dinner and headed home.


18th-Jan-2017 07:25 pm - RUN, CYCLE, SWIM, WALK & FUN.
The day has come

Woke up after about the eight hours sleep.

Watched the sun up on the balcony while the tea went in. Then we headed over to Glenda's for breakfast. Had the cinnamon roll, eggs, tomato and onion breakfast with cups of tea.

Back to the cabana 1 we went. I put on me shoes and ran down the beach passing many many gekos along the way. Cane to a few dead end areas but made my way around over mudland and bridges across the bottom of the island heading west and then back up the Back St all the way up to the spit. Then back down home again heading out to the beach as soon as I could. It was a nice old four and a half mile run.

Once home Natasha and I headed out on the bikes and followed the same route I had ran in the morning. We stopped off in town for the watermelon juice and brought them back to the cabana. We went out and lay in the hammocks for a few hours. I went in for a swim and I read into the book, Island Cross-Talk. We headed back to the cabana and then out the door again.

We rode the bikes all the way up towards The Spit and had lunch at Paradiso Cafe. Veggie sandwiches went in with colas. We cycled back down through town stopping off at the markets looking for items for dinner. China Town Marked it was. Back to the cabins again and we relaxed some more.

I put on the dinner. We ate it later on. Then went for a walk up to the spit and back. The town was quiet along the way. Well quieter than we figured it might have been. Walked back to Cabana 1 and showered the dust and sweat of the day off us.


17th-Jan-2017 06:51 pm - Caye Caulker
The day has come

Woke up early. Packed up the bags a bit.

Then I headed on out for my last run of the time here. I did a three plus mile loopish. Back home and showered. Then went down to the cafe for tea and coffee.

Denny came and picked us up in the Shuttle. He was a nice lad indeed. We chatted the whole two hour drive back into Belize city. He gave us a lot of information about moving or living here. He dropped us to the boat and we said our goodbyes.

Bough the round trip tickets to Caye Caulker on the Ocean Ferry Belize. The crossing went well and took around the 45 minutes. We got off at the pier and walked down to the Colinda Cabanas. We met Juan a fine fellow from the mainland. He gave us a rundown about his life here. A great story and blessed he met Colin. We got the upstairs ocean view cabin. Beautiful.

We went for a walk up town. Went into Errolyns House Of Fry Jacks and we ate our first fry jacks ever. We had one filled with eggs, beans and cheese. It was a grand lunch. Next we walked up through the town and stopped into an Art Gallery. Met a lovely girl there by the name of Aria. We talked about some paintings and one in particular. She gave us the Irish discount but we continued walking along while we thought about it.

We walked up to the Spit and then made our way back down the island to the China Town supermarket. We bought items for dinner here. Then back to the cabanas. I decided to go out for my run again then. I ran up the island and zig zagged back down along and went in to see Aria and bought the painting we had looked at earlier. Then continued running back towards home with the painting rolled up like a baton in my hand. Got the three plus mile run again. Natasha was happy we got the Nelson Young painting.

We relaxed away the evening until we ate the dinner. Then more relaxation and now a nap may be good.

16th-Jan-2017 06:32 pm - Guatemala
The day has come

Woke up rested before 6am.

Packed up the bags for the day. Then went down to the yard and met the driver, he brought us over to the office. A nice lad named Erin took us from there to the Beliese/Guatemalian border. We crossed over no problem and met with Chris the driver at the other side.

Chris drove us through some beautiful country and on the way we stopped off at Laguna Salpeten Macanche to see the locals wash their clothes on rocks that were put on top of leaf covered huts. Then we continued along the road after stopping off for some local coffee and nicnacks for sale. Had a tortilla filled with beans there as well.

We arrived in Tikal National Park. We parked and walked up through the ruins for a few hours. This was a real good place to visit. Historical and spiritual to boot. We got a nice shower of rain while we were here. Also say monkies and other animals. Chris gave us a good historical tour of the place. We climbed up the temples on our own. We ate a fine healthy meal on the way out of the park.

The drive back to the border went well. We said our goodbye to Chris and waited for Erin to show up. Then we rode back to town with him. He dropped us off at the Midas and we went to room 42. We went in next door to Hode's Place for dinner.

A nice young lad named Dennis served us. We ate the veggie fajita there which was grand and healthy. We walked back to the Midas and I went straigh off for a wee run through the towns and back after a three mile jaunt. Had a wee dessert in the room.

Now a nap for the morning pack and go.

15th-Jan-2017 05:59 pm - Pop, run, fun, Mayan garden and Eva.
The day has come

Woke up after about 8 hours or more of sleep.

Relaxed the morning away for a while. Then we headed off for a walk up town. We went in and spoke with a fine Nigerian girl at the tour place. We booked two tickets to go and see the Mayan Temples in Guateamala tomorrow.

We went over and into "Pops" for our breakfast. It was nice and we ate omelets that had chaya leaf in it. Our first time eating that. It was grand indeed. Cups of tea and coffee as well. Bought some water and stuff at the supermarket and we headed back to the Midas.

I headed out for a run. I ran over the bridges and through town then up the hill to the "Cahal Pech". Talked with a nice entrepreneural lad up there. Ran back down and through the town over the bridges and up the road and then back to Midas 42 after a five mile run.


We headed up the town again and up to "Cahal Pech" and we went in. This was a nice place and I am glad we came up. We walked around and climbed the ruins for a good while. Talked to a lovely local who had a shop selling local crafts and the like. She gave us a great rundown about her life and what it was like growing up in this area as a child. We purchased some items and headed back down the town.

Stopped into "Eva's" for dinner. Had a grand veggie tofu stirfry there. Then headed back along the road to home.

Now we will pass into the night and be up early tomorrow for the trip. Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, outdoor

14th-Jan-2017 05:16 pm - Lovely Travel Reporter compliment
The day has come

We chatted to a nice woman from Toronto originally. She now lives in California, close to Réalta in fact. We got another message saying the flight was not going out now until 6am. People were very annoyed at that and let it be known. Security started mingling around. They gave us all kinds of snacks and drinks to calm the nonsense.

We got another update letting us know there was a new plane coming in from Atlanta to pick us up and we would be leaving at 10:15am. More snacks and drinks. Finally we got some food in the morning. Egg wraps from Subway which were warm and nice.

We did get on the plane finally but didn't get to lift off until 11. Now we are on a Boeing 737 at least operated by Delta. Natasha told me the reporter had talked highly about e to her and how lucky she was to be with me. I watched a movie called "Morgan" and if wasn't half bad really. Well compared to the crap snacks again which we were being fed onboard again.

We landed in Belize airport. Went through the immigration quickly. Came outside and a fellow was there holding a sign with our name on it. He shuttled us the two hours drive over to San Ignacio and down to the "Midas Resort". We got room 42 and finally got a place to sleep after the wee longer trip here than normal.

Fell asleep pretty quickly.

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